How to create fill in the gap worksheets for Portuguese?

You can use this resource is designed to create printable Portuguese fill-in-the-gap worksheets for students to write the correct answer. You can remove words from a text so students can write their answer in the gap. These worksheets can be used to assess vocabulary and sentence structure. What's really great about these worksheets is that they can be adapted to be used at a variety of learner levels.

Enter your text and then click on the words that you want to be filled in by your students. The words you select will appear at the end. To make things a bit more difficult, you can choose whether you’d like the answers to be scrambled so that students have to both unscramble the answers and then find the correct place to fill the gap.

You can choose the Portuguese font and size of the text as well as the title for the worksheet. The Portuguese learning worksheet you create will be ready for you to print. When you are printing, you can select how many worksheets you would like to have without answers and how many with answers. The worksheets with answers will show the gap filled with the correct word and have it underlined.

Once you have printed your Portuguese Fill in the Gap worksheet, your students can start practicing right away! You can even get the students to mark their own work – with these worksheets students can check their answers using the answer sheet.

Fill in the Gap Examples:

Eu tenho um gato


Eu ____ um gato. (tenho)

If you wanted to select more than one answer:

Eu tenho um gato. Seu nome é Percy.


Eu ____ um gato. Seu nome ____ Percy. (tenho,é )

If you wanted to make it even more advanced, for example:

Eu sou dono de um gato. Eles são gatos marrons. Meu gato preferido é o Percy.

which becomes

Eu ____ dono de um gato. Eles ____ gatos marrons. Meu gato preferido ____ o Percy. (sou, são, é)


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